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better access to mental health help

Better Access to Mental Health Help

Urban areas face a shortage of mental health services — unconscious bias, stereotyping, and lack of resources impact care quality. The Harlem Health Initiative aims to break barriers to access and improve services.

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provider spotlight: jamaica and flushing hospital work to support aging in place

Provider Spotlight: Jamaica and Flushing Hospital Work to Support Aging in Place

Aging in place is hard for most seniors, especially in NYC’s underserved neighborhoods. Healthfirst partner Jamaica and Flushing Hospital Medical Centers, works to identify risk and develop preventive interventions.

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provider spotlight: addressing structural racism in maternity care

Provider Spotlight: Addressing Structural Racism in Maternity Care

Maternal mortality rates in NYC and across the U.S. are much higher for Black women. To address the issue, NYC Health + Hospitals focuses clinical interventions on the root causes on inequity in how care is delivered.

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provider spotlight: using data to address disparities

Provider Spotlight: Using Data to Address Disparities

Northwell Health uses data and analytics to serve the Long Island community by providing equitable access to care, especially COVID-19 vaccines, and identifying unmet social needs.

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healthy kids are key to a healthy society

Healthy Kids are Key to a Healthy Society

Providing children with access to preventative care creates a healthy society, but evidence shows that we are failing our children - especially those who are most vulnerable.

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proposed changes to medicare stars program are poised to advance health equity

Proposed Changes to Medicare Stars Program are Poised to Advance Health Equity

A proposed rule from CMS would add a health equity index to the Medicare Stars program and encourage Medicare Advantage plans to invest in strategies to address healthcare disparities.

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a simple and scalable way to improve heart health in south asian american communities

A Simple and Scalable Way to Improve Heart Health in South Asian American Communities

Recently published research from NYU and Healthfirst shows how supporting small primary care practices can impact health equity for South Asian Americans’ cardiovascular health.

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in pursuit of hispanic health equity, representation matters

In Pursuit of Hispanic Health Equity, Representation Matters

In pursuit of health equity in Hispanic population--how to close the language and cultural barriers that lead to poor health outcomes.

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examining men’s health inequities

Examining Men’s Health Inequities

A third of men believe they don’t need annual health screenings. This Men’s Health Week, let’s break down the stigmas men face around getting needed care.

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the bias that makes racism a public health crisis

The Bias That Makes Racism a Public Health Crisis

Last November, during the mad rush to end the year productively, I began to feel sharp abdominal pains intermittently during the day. I was very busy, so rather than listening to my body I ignored the pain and ...

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improving health literacy is imperative to improving women’s health

Improving Health Literacy is Imperative to Improving Women’s Health

As we focus on women’s health during Women’s Health Week, we should consider it through the prism of health equity — giving each woman the opportunity to achieve her full health potential.

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welcome to the advance perspectives blog!

Welcome to the Advance Perspectives Blog!

Welcome to Advance Perspectives, the Healthfirst ADVANCE blog. Here you’ll find our takes on how to build a healthier future for all.

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