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Healthfirst and Public Health Solutions help those living with HIV/AIDS improve overall health

The Challenge

Many people living with HIV feel marginalized, stigmatized, and subjected to bias by the community and the healthcare system. Even individuals with health insurance face substantial barriers to care, ranging from poor housing and employment to a lack of patient-centered access and social support. (Source) This has an adverse effect on overall health outcomes.

Our Goal

To improve “whole person” health for Healthfirst members with HIV/AIDS.

The Healthfirst Solution

We used claims data to identify Healthfirst members with HIV but without access to care and invited them to participate in the WholeYou Program. Care Coaches screened members, provided coaching sessions, made referrals to medical and community resources, and monitored member progress through digital platforms. We focused on achieving overall health goals, not on the member’s HIV status.

Population Health Improvements

Members living with HIV engaged (in 1+ coaching session) or formally enrolled in the WholeYou program were more likely to be virally suppressed than members who did not participate. Our partner, Public Health Solutions, reached over a third of our members living with HIV, and a quarter of those were enrolled in the program – over 375 people. These program participants increased their engagement with their primary care providers.


The WholeYou Program shows that a combination of high-tech and high-touch solutions can improve access to primary care and address social determinants of health for patients who are medically vulnerable and marginalized. Healthfirst is testing a new model with an increased focus on viral load suppression.