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Welcome to the Advance Perspectives Blog!

By Healthfirst

Welcome to Advance Perspectives, the Healthfirst ADVANCE blog. Here you’ll find our takes on how to build a healthier future for all.

The Advance Perspectives blog is a dedicated space in which to explore today’s most pressing health equity issues. We look forward to sharing solutions-oriented stories from the communities we serve, highlighting how health insurers, providers, community organizations, government entities, and others can work together to promote health equity. We’ll also be amplifying the voices and ideas of experts from throughout the Healthfirst community.

We are launching this blog at a time when health equity has never been more discussed. Catapulted into the spotlight by the pandemic, health equity is grabbing headlines, capturing research funds, and being talked about at every level of the healthcare industry. But we also recognize that it hasn’t always been this way. When Healthfirst was founded in 1993, health equity was hardly mainstream.

Healthfirst was created by 15 of the largest health systems in metropolitan New York around a shared belief: ensuring that all New Yorkers have access to quality healthcare. Bringing that belief to life demanded an entirely different approach. We helped pioneer the value-based care model, and that model has made it possible for us to work closely with our provider partners for nearly 30 years to champion the needs of New Yorkers who have been adversely impacted by disparities in healthcare. Now we’re sharing what we’ve learned from our decades-long commitment to health equity through Healthfirst ADVANCE. Learn more about Healthfirst ADVANCE here.

We hope Advance Perspectives will provide a space to further the discussion around health equity as we continue this important work. Stay tuned to learn about Healthfirst’s innovative partnerships that support maternal health, to hear from a Healthfirst executive firsthand on racial bias in healthcare, and much more.

We look forward to learning with you.

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